iPhone Apps, Skype coming soon?

According to GIGAOM, Skype will come to iPhone soon … It’s amazing Apple start allowing all competitive apps in the market. By the way, Apple also allows “Free SMS in iPhone” apps.

I was wondering how many “SMS” related apps out there.

Here you go:

18 SMS apps!


… and some of them even cover out side of US. wow.

Free Texting SMS

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As you can see, why they don’t spend budget to improve their UI? All design look horrible.

OK, forget about design aspects. Here is something you can really use. Quicksend allows you to select pre-set of messages that you frequently pass around; like “I’m on my way”.


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WinAdmin – Remote login to your Windows machine [Price Drop]

WinAdmin is a Microsoft Windows remote desktop protocol (RDP) client
for your iPhone or iPod Touch. WinAdmin allows you to remotely access
and manage Windows computers using just your finger.

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[Price Drop] SaveMyDocs – download & keep dosc offline!

– Download and save DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPS, RTF, TXT, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF and HTML files
– View downloaded files offline

Price drop : $6.99 -> $3.99

It’s time to buy!

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[Digg] 74 iPhone Apps that have Fart in their name – LOL

There is an interesting FACT on digg.com
Check out this digg article.

74 iPhone Apps that have Fart in their name!

Go check out how many “fart” apps available. So stink.

Also, don’t forget to digg this story!

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[iPhone Games] ngmoco got 15 million

ngmoco, a decent game company, keep releasing games targetting only on iPhone. What I like is their game is very iPhone nature  oriented games like, topple. It’s not just like porting from famous game title in other consoles.

NY Times Bits blog
“Ngmoco Rolls Into More Cash”

Download Topple 2

Click here to see more ngmoco games

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[iPhone App Price Drop] Mad Money by Jim Cramer, top stock picking expert

In these tumultuous economic times, those who have the right
information have much to gain while those who are clueless have too
much to lose.

1. Daily market analysis recap by Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, top stock picking expert.
2. Quick glance at Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Oil
3. Continuous Yahoo financial news feed
4. Street TV video feed


Hell’s Kitchen™ Price: $2.99 [Price Drop]


Get the Hell’s Kitchen culinary boot camp experience on your iPhone and iPod touch!

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